Our company

Finca Marisanchez is one of the most stunning and idiosyncratic vineyards in the Southern area of Castile La Mancha.

Located in the historic fields of Campo de Montiel, from medieval times, it has preserved, the three quintessentially Mediterranean crops: the grapevine, the olive tree and cereals. It is in the heart of Finca Marisanchez that the second generation family cellar, Bodegas Real, has stood since 1989.

From the beginning, our goal has been to transfer the concept of “Chateau” to the lands of La Mancha and to make wines of high quality from our own vines. 

For that reason, our people´s philosophy is to implant the force of the four elements, from which life orginates, in all our wines: our clayey soil, the warm summer breeze, the water of the Jabalón River and the sun that filters through the grapes and enriches them with its red fire. These four pillars, and our passion to enjoy them and pass them on, are the keys to the production of our wines.