Environment. Marisánchez property

The Marisánchez Estate is located in a tiny valley by the Jabalón River, a tributary to the Guadiana River, with an average height close to 700 meters above sea level.


The environment where Marisánchez property is located is dominated by the typical sub Mediterranean sclerophyllous forest, in which you can predominantly find the Quercus species (holm oaks, shrubby oaks, oak trees) as well as plants and herbs such as  thyme, rosemary, sage, marjoram, broom.

One can also find leafy poplar groves and bulrushes along the watercourses. These, together with the diversity of animals that inhabit this zone, make a unique and spectacular habitat.


The proximity to the Jabalón River and the damn of the “Small Head” make the Marisanchez land a unique and well-known wildlife reserve. It is also the family’s game preserve.

We can find species of small game, like rabbits, hares or wood pigeons. It is also possible to run into the occasional fox or wild boar. The queen of this environment is, without doubt, the coveted red partridge, to which Bodegas Real has dedicated its founding emblem.

Due to the proximity of the water, there is an abundance of aquatic birds, including mallards, ducks, herons, egrets, and even storks. Birds of prey such as eagles, kestrels and owls are also common. Marisánchez also features an abundant aquatic life made up of cyprinids, carp, flench, tench and barbell, pike, black bass and the ever present American red crab.

It is made clear that the Marisánchez Estate is a privileged natural enclave that was maintained and preserved through time.